Movin’ right along

This year has not been what any of us expected. Many of us have cancelled plans or faced changes in life and I am no exception to that. 2020 was planned out and prepared for but then Covid happened and like many others, it felt like my life went on hold. I was no longer able to go into my office and began the process of moving everything online and adjusting to spending a lot more time at home.

Through all of the stress and turbulence that this has caused for us, I believe that there has been a positive to all of this; that being that it has given us the space to reflect on what is important and what we want from life. It has not always been easy but having the usual distractions of life stripped away has allowed for a sort of clarity. In my work it has allowed for deeper reflection and self-exploration, it has opened space for more learning and I have been inspired by seeing so much growth in others.

In my personal life this has meant making the decision to leave London and return to my hometown of Liverpool. This was a decision that took a lot of thinking about and was not made lightly. London had been my home for thirteen years; it is where I studied, grew into who I am and it is a city unlike any other. However I was 22 when I moved to London and life feels very different at 35!

Making big life choices can feel scary. In fact the freedom of choice itself can create a feeling of crisis.; What if I make the wrong decision? What if I end up with regrets? The truth is that there is no such thing as ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ decisions; they are simply decisions. Life will take its path and
will go through many changes. Everything comes with a degree of risk but if we can be brave then it is in these moments that we grow.

This time can be one to embrace change and learn that we do not have to be afraid of it. Change is uncomfortable because we like to be able to predict things; our brains are wired for the familiar and routine. A good example is a restaurant and the comfort of the known process; you walk in, get seated, get a menu and order your food. If every time you went into the same restaurant the order of these steps changed then you may feel confusion or even anxiety. It may cause us to retreat and stay in our ‘uncomfortably safe space’; the difficult but known. If we reframe this instead as an opportunity to try something new then who knows how much we can do. Our future is unwritten but this means that we can make of it what we choose and that is a wonderful, powerful thing.

Feel your potential and know that you will find your way, even if it means making an uncomfortable decision.

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